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Enamor yourselves with personal success. Soak in your pride and use it to make a theme of self-improvement.

It’s who we are.

Material things break us apart and circumstances are now the cause of misfortune. Who have we become?

Before, life was more important then any object. Humans took pride in knowing and helping others. Now we take pride in what we have. What enrages me the most is that no matter how smart we might get, our soul, our person, loses value. Can we therefore say that our advancement in the last century has made us the dumb and ignorant people we are today? Can it be argued then that man must be occupied with the things technology takes care of today in order to show even the slightest signs of effort, grace, and intelligence? 

There are still those who can overlook the material and focus on their dreams and aspirations, but isn’t that mindset a byproduct of our laziness and inability to care about others? Although born an individual, we are created from the interaction between two people. This makes humans, by principle, animals that need to interact to be healthy creatures. So then why all of the genocide, the arguments, the hatred, the violence, the misunderstandings, the sarcasm? Why all the pain? Up until writing this, I have always been about natural selection. But now, I am beginning to wonder what it all really means.

If a person is not at the right place, at the right time, speaks the right words, looks the right way, walks the right way, acts the right way, etc., then whatever opportunity a person could have had at a given point in time will forever be lost. For one good thing to occur to  someone or a group of people, so many variables have to be in accordance with the specifics of a situation, that not even astronomical odds would be a close qualification as too how fortunate a person must be.

And the funny thing is that as you’re reading this, you’re probably thinking that I’m talking about some magical opportunity that will make your career or get you into that school you’ve always wanted to go to. And there lies the issue. 

Meeting a person and getting to know them, I’ve learned, is the most difficult thing that any one person in these United States can do. We’re constantly shrouded by this enigma and distrustfulness and it sucks, so much. Just recently, I was trying to reconnect with someone who I haven’t spoken to in a while. Since we’re Facebook “friends” and I enjoy being around that person, I made an initial effort to reach out, to interact. The dishonesty that people have for each other causes even the most basic relationships to not make it past a conversation of less then 20 text messages. 

I guess writing this makes me a fool though. I’ve known this and I’ve kept it to myself for years now and it was not up until I realized my situation in life that made me want to make an effort to see if anyone out there understood my ideas and felt the same way. For the last ten young years of my life, I’ve wanted nothing more then to become an engineer. But now, I want nothing more then to die knowing that there is still hope for our spices, that we’ll for once learn from our mistakes, that no matter where we are or who we’ve become, there will always be that drive that comes from inside to forget about the façade we’ve created and pay attention to who we really are and have been since our first ancestors. 

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